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1/42 Roll Pet Biodegradable Trash Bag Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser

1/42 Roll Pet Biodegradable Trash Bag Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser

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Make your pet walks more convenient and eco-friendly with the 1/42 Roll Pet Biodegradable Trash Bag. These poop bags are not only practical but also environmentally conscious, providing an easy solution for pet waste management.


  • Brand Name: (Not specified)
  • Dog Litter Item Type: Pooper Scoopers & Bags
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model Number: C-086
  • Usage: Dog Poop Bags
  • Item: Pet Dog Cat Poop Bag Dispenser
  • One Roll: 15pcs
  • Color: Random Color
  • Suit: Pet Product For Dogs

Key Features:

  1. Biodegradable Material:

    • Crafted from environmentally friendly plastic that is biodegradable, contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment.
  2. Cute Bone Shape Dispenser:

    • The dispenser comes in a cute bone shape, adding a touch of charm to your pet accessories.
    • Practical and portable design for easy use during walks.
  3. Random Color Options:

    • Available in a variety of colors including black, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, orange, white, and mixed colors.
    • Adds a playful element to your pet care routine.
  4. Properly Secured Roll:

    • The portable dispenser ensures that the trash bag roll is properly secured and easy to access when needed.
  5. Hooks for Easy Carrying:

    • Equipped with hooks for convenient carrying during walks or travel.
    • Perfect for those on-the-go moments with your pet.
  6. Convenient and Hygienic:

    • Easily clean up pet waste during outdoor walks, ensuring a hygienic and responsible approach to pet care.
    • Ideal for everyday use and especially handy for travel or after water-related activities.
  7. Paw Prints Design:

    • Each roll of pet garbage bags (15 pcs/roll) features cute paw prints, adding a delightful touch to the cleanup routine.

Make pet waste management hassle-free and eco-friendly with the 1/42 Roll Pet Biodegradable Trash Bag. The adorable bone-shaped dispenser, along with the practical features, ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience during your walks with your furry friend.


Product testing report:

Authentic biodegradable materials can only be proven by authoritative testing

Product display:

About 1-2 years after the use of PE+EPI material and its abandonment, it undergoes photodegradation through photooxidative fission

Product features:

Thickened by 0.01mm, tough and durable, with strong load-bearing capacity

Product features:

Bag body leak proof, soft touch

Product features:

Neat breakpoints for easy tearing, 15 bags per roll

Product Details:


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