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260W Large Washing Machine Portable with Dryer Bucket for Clothes

260W Large Washing Machine Portable with Dryer Bucket for Clothes

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Brand Name: seago


Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Color: White, Blue

Usage 1: washing machines portable

Usage 2: washing machines portable big capacity

Usage 3: washing machine portable

Usage 4: Mini washing machines portable

Usage 5: shoe washing machine

Usage 6: mini washing machine portable

Usage 7: washing machines portable automatic

Usage 8: washing machines portable automatic

Usage 9: washing machine with dryer

Usage 10: washing machine portable large


Material: Environmentally friendly ABS, electronic components

Output current:110V/220V

specification:eu plug   au plug   uk plug    us plug

Box material:plastic

Drainage mode:downdrain

Dewatering capacity:7-8kg

Size : 310*300*450 mm

Color: White, Blue



*your washing care expert, smart mother's wise choice, every family needs an independent mini washing machine,

for baby care, bionic hand wash like mother
*The side drain outlet can easily discharge water without dumping
* Rotating button and fold, save space, easy to carry when going out, light and portable, low energy consumption
*Sorting laundry is healthier

* With drying bucket
*Wash baby clothes, baby toys, personal clothes, shoes , socks and towels separately to avoid detail infection

*Wash and drain in one, exclusive drain basket, gentle clothing, used with the drain program, gently separate the residual moisture of the clothes to avoid violent dehydration causing the clothes to be pulled and deformed
*Careful rubbing, less wear, DD direct drive frequency conversion motor, spiral cloth hole rinsing,

bubble flushing is cleaner


Packing list:
Washing machine *1
Adapter *1
Drain basket *1
Instructions *1




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