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2" Shackle Receiver Recovery Block

2" Shackle Receiver Recovery Block

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  • Origin: Mainland China
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  1. Fits 2" Receivers: The innovative block design of this Shackle Receiver Recovery Block is engineered to fit 2-inch receivers perfectly. This versatile accessory is your reliable partner for towing, with a working load limit of an impressive 13,000 lbs*. It accommodates all standard 2-inch receivers and 3/4 screw pin shackle rings.

  2. Multiple Mounting Points: The Shackle Block includes two pin mounting points for vertical block configuration and one pin mount hole for horizontal block configuration, offering flexibility in how you set up your towing system*.

  3. Heavy-Duty Shackle: This assembly includes a heavy-duty shackle rated at 9,500 lbs. Your towing setup is only as strong as its weakest link, so it's crucial not to exceed the lowest Working Load Limit (WLL) of any component, whether it's the vehicle, hitch receiver, or other elements of your towing system.

  4. Complete Assembly: The 2" Shackle Receiver Recovery Block comes as a complete assembly, including a hitch pin and a durable D-ring shackle. Installation is a breeze, taking only seconds to get you ready for your towing needs.

  5. Red Powder Coated Finish: Not only is this Shackle Receiver Recovery Block a functional towing accessory, but it also adds a touch of style with its red powder-coated finish. This coating not only looks great but is also UV and abrasion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Versatility Meets Reliability: Whether you're towing an SUV, truck, or RV, the 2" Shackle Receiver Recovery Block is designed to meet the demands of your towing adventures. Its sturdy construction and thoughtful design make it a must-have accessory for anyone serious about towing safely and effectively.

Easy to Use, Built to Last: No need for complex setups or time-consuming installations. The 2" Shackle Receiver Recovery Block is engineered for convenience and durability. Get your towing setup ready in no time and trust in the robust construction to handle your towing needs.

Upgrade Your Towing Game: Make towing safer and more efficient with the 2" Shackle Receiver Recovery Block. From its versatile fit to the eye-catching red finish, this towing accessory is the ideal addition to your towing arsenal.

Note: Please refer to your vehicle's towing capacity and the specific guidelines for your towing equipment before use. Always follow safety recommendations and guidelines for secure towing practices.

Take Your Towing to the Next Level with the 2" Shackle Receiver Recovery Block - Redefining Strength and Versatility!

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