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Automatic Car Canopy - Remote Control Shade for Your Vehicle

Automatic Car Canopy - Remote Control Shade for Your Vehicle

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Elevate your outdoor experiences with our range of innovative automotive accessories designed to enhance your adventures.

Remote Control Automatic Moving Headliner:

  • Fully Automatic Version: This Remote Control Automatic Moving Headliner redefines comfort and convenience. With an 8-slot brush motor and a size of 4.2M * 2.2M, it offers automated unfolding and storage. The powerful motor has a rated power of 10W, making it efficient and reliable. You can enjoy this luxurious addition to your vehicle in navy blue or silver gray.

  • Semi-Automatic Version: If you prefer a semi-automatic solution, our Semi-Automatic Mobile Roof is the perfect choice. With power-assisted hydraulic rods, it offers effortless expansion and contraction, up to 30,000 times. It's designed to fit a size of 4.2M * 2.2M, and it's available in navy blue and silver gray. Get ready for an enhanced outdoor experience.

Outdoor Bracket for Car Hood:

  • Versatile and Compact: Our Outdoor Bracket for Car Hood is your reliable companion for outdoor adventures. It boasts a total length of 2100MM and a convenient storage size of 10 * 11.5 * 11 (CM). This versatile tool comes with standard features including a storage bag, tripod, floor nail, windproof rope buckle, and a night light windproof rope.


  • Model Number: 52574695
  • Category: Tent for 3-4 People
  • Bottom Waterproof Index: 1000-1500 mm
  • Bracket Category: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Rod
  • Outside Tent Waterproof Index: 1000-1500 mm
  • Origin: Mainland China

Enhance Your Adventure: Explore the great outdoors with confidence and style. Our range of automotive accessories, including automatic and semi-automatic roof solutions and versatile outdoor brackets, is designed to elevate your outdoor experience.

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