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2 PCS Under the Bed Storage Bag with Cover

2 PCS Under the Bed Storage Bag with Cover

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Tired of the seasonal clothing chaos in your closet, or in your RVs? Looking for a simple and efficient solution to keep your bedding, comforters, and holiday decorations organized? Look no further – introducing the Foldable Under Bed Storage Bags, the perfect blend of functionality and style to enhance your storage experience.

Key Features:

  1. Ample Storage Space:

    • Each bag measures 39.5in x 19.7in x 7.1in, unless otherwise stated, offering a generous 90L capacity. Perfect for neatly storing seasonal items, bedding, comforters, and more.
  2. Durable and Breathable Material:

    • Crafted from non-woven fabric, these storage bags are designed to be sturdy yet breathable. The material ensures your items are protected from dust and moisture, maintaining their freshness.
  3. Convenient Clear Window Design:

    • Equipped with a PVC transparent window, these bags allow you to easily identify the items stored within. No more guessing or rummaging through piles – a quick glance is all you need.
  4. Zippered Closure for Security:

    • The sturdy #5 zippers ensure a secure closure, keeping your belongings safe and sound. Rest easy knowing your items are protected from dust, pests, and potential damage.
  5. Foldable and Portable:

    • When not in use, these storage bags can be folded down, saving space and allowing for easy storage. The reinforced handles on both sides make them a breeze to pull or lift, simplifying transportation.

Package Options:

Option A:

  • 2 x Under Bed Storage Bags (Dark Grey or Light Grey)

Option B:

  • 2 x Under Bed Storage Bags (Dark Grey)
  • 90L Large size: 100x50x18cm/39.3x19.6x7.1in

Option C:

  • 2 x Under Bed Storage Bags (Dark Grey)
  • 90L Large size: 100x50x15cm/39.3x19.6x5.9in


  1. Please allow 1-3mm or 1-3cm (depending on the option) differs due to manual measurement.
  2. Due to the different display and light, the actual color of the item may vary.

Versatile and Stylish Storage: These Foldable Under Bed Storage Bags are not just practical; they add a touch of sophistication to your storage solutions. Keep your living spaces organized, simplify your daily routines, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with clutter-free surroundings. Order your set today and elevate your storage game!






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