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Multi Tool Military Camping Kit

Multi Tool Military Camping Kit

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ᄋ        Nipper Pliers



ᄋ        Standard Pliers



ᄋ        Steel wire-cutter 



ᄋ        Bottle opener 



ᄋ        Can opener



ᄋ        Big flat screwdriver



ᄋ        Small flat screwdriver



ᄋ        Phillips screwdriver



ᄋ        Knife



ᄋ        Fish scaler



ᄋ        File



ᄋ        Scissor



ᄋ        Ruler



ᄋ        AWL









ᄋ        Brand:Generic



ᄋ        Origin: China



ᄋ        Models: PA31



ᄋ        Material: 420 Stainless Steel



ᄋ        Closed length: 103mm; 



ᄋ        Open length: 165 mm



ᄋ        Net weight: 260g; 



ᄋ        Product size(folded size): 103*52*20 mm


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