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RV Plastic Water Tank Dump Valve - Replacement

RV Plastic Water Tank Dump Valve - Replacement

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Brand Name: None

Origin: Mainland China

1PCS Plastic Water Tank Replacement Dump Valve for RV Camper Trailer - Black


Replacement valve for your RV's gray-water tank.
This is made of a durable, hard plastic construction. This waste valve will replace a broken or warning out one on your RV's black water tank.
It is used to stop or allow the flow from the tank. You notice when you open it, it has a 50mm diameter passage which will allow waste to travel freely when it's open.
When you do close it, there are seals in there, which will tightly seal off the black water pipes when it's closed.
The waste valve body, which is this whole section right here, with the handle on it,It is used to open or close the tube opening on the waste valve.


Material: Plastic
Size: Approx 170*70*70mm/7x2.76x2.76 Inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece RV Dump Valve

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