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Transparent Geodesic Luxury Dome Tents - Unveil Nature's Beauty in Style

Transparent Geodesic Luxury Dome Tents - Unveil Nature's Beauty in Style

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Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury and nature with our Transparent Geodesic Dome Tents. Whether you're envisioning a forest retreat, a unique camping experience, or an exclusive resort, these domes redefine the concept of outdoor accommodation. Let's explore the features, options, and the unparalleled experience these domes offer.

Key Features:

  • Metal Frame: Sturdy and reliable, the metal frame forms the foundation of your luxurious dome, ensuring stability and durability.

  • Outer Tarp: The outer tarp not only shields you from the elements but also adds an extra layer of protection, making your retreat a cozy haven.

  • 5-Corner Clear Skylight: Connect with the sky above with the exquisite 5-corner clear skylight. Optionally, it can be replaced with a locking glass door for added elegance.

  • 4 Breathable Screens: Enjoy the refreshing breeze while keeping insects at bay with four breathable screens, seamlessly blending comfort with the outdoors.

  • Ocean Freight: The initial ocean freight to ports worldwide is included in the price, making your dream retreat accessible globally.

Optional Accessories: Customize your dome to match your vision with a range of optional accessories, including:

  • Insulation Liner (8 mm / 12 mm with optional aluminum foil)
  • PVC Wood Grain Flooring
  • Glass Door (900*2000mm)
  • WIFI Remote Control Password Lock for Hotel Security
  • Star Roof + Electric Sunshade
  • Triangle and Round Glass Windows
  • Solar Fan for Sustainable Ventilation
  • Leather Lining for an Added Touch of Elegance
  • Single and Double Track Curtains
  • Fireplace for Cozy Evenings

Important Notes:

  • Additional Shipping Costs: Due to the substantial weight of our products, this link covers the initial shipping price for the standard configuration. Additional accessories may incur extra shipping costs.

  • Shipping Time: Anticipate an approximate shipping time of 55 to 75 days for delivery to your chosen port worldwide. For more accessories and customized design options, please contact us!

Thank you for choosing our Transparent Geodesic Luxury Dome Tents. Your retreat awaits - where luxury meets nature in a harmonious embrace.



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